TruLo Lo Max Asphalt

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TruLo Max is a low-odor, low-fuming asphalt that delivers top roofing performance. Our proprietary odor- and fume-reduction chemistries reduce asphalt odor with a unique, dual-technology solution that results in low odor neutralizing asphalt odor without impacting performance thanks to a polymer ingredient that forms a fume-suppressing skim layer on the asphalt surface at the kettle.

Trumbull TruLo Max asphalt produces 60% less odor compared with our standard asphalt and is 55% more effective at reducing odor-causing compounds when compared to leading competitive low-odor asphalts and additives. According to a National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health study, TruLo Max reduces up to 90% of fumes at the kettle. The result: No messy or dangerous additive mixing at the kettle and controlled fumes at the kettle and odor on the roof.

Available in packaged asphalt only at distributor locations nationwide.

Every shipment of TruLo Max

  • Meets or exceeds the physical requirements of the specified roofing grade asphalt (Meets ASTM D312)
  • Offers consistent high flash material for consistent proper temperature range needed to apply product safely at the EVT; flash points typically 50 F to 75 F higher than the 500 F minimum
  • Is produced at one of our 13 plants, available from coast to coast
  • Displays EVT on each carton and bill of lading for bulk shipments assuring proper adhesion, waterproofing and application rate
  • Is packaged in printed cartons clearly identifying manufacturers, type, flash point, EVT, production location and production date

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Typical Physical Characteristics for TruLo Lo Odor Asphalt

Physical Requirements - ASTM D312-00

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