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Versatile and Long Lasting

PermaMop Asphalt

Low-fuming PermaMop modified roofing asphalt is specially engineered to provide exceptional durability. This makes it a great choice for projects in extreme weather areas, whether it's heat, cold or moisture. In laboratory testing, PermMop asphalt withstands up to 193 weather cycles compared to only 60 weather cycles of other asphalts. That's a minimum of 150% longer than standard asphalt, making PermaMop a great choice for all weather conditions.


  • Meets ASTM D312
  • Consistent high flash material
  • 4 producing plants
  • EVT shown on each carton and bill of lading for bulk shipments
  • Printed cartons


  • PermaMop meets or exceeds ASTM D312 specifications except solubility.
  • Proper temperature range needed to apply product safely at the EVT
  • Flash points typically 50 F to 75 F higher than the 500 F minimum
  • Convenient, accessible availability from coast to coast
  • Convenient, accessible availability from coast to coast
  • Assures proper adhesion, waterproofing and application rate
  • Clearly identifies manufacturers, type, flash point, EVT, production location and production date
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